Student Name: Fred Zafalon Text Title: The Kite Runner Author/Director: Khaled Hosseini Text Type: Extended Written Text Date Finished: January 2018 The Kite Runner is settled in Afghanistan where a boy, Amir, who belongs to the medium-high society, abandons Hassan, who is Ali’s son who is Amir’s father’s servant, because too scared of fighting the […]

To convey his thought about the war and its horrors, Wilfred Owen uses lots of different language techniques. Owen often uses similes and in two of the three poems I analyzed, he used a simile in the first line. In Dulce et Decorum Est, the first line is “Bent double, like old beggars under sacks” […]

In this poem, Owen talks about the “exposure” as something bad which is not helping the soldiers; it’s cold, it’s windy so the soldier not only has to try to survive to the war -”Iced east winds that knive us”: It’s so cold that the wind is actually hurting the soldiers -”Mad gusts”: The noise […]

What has been included? In all the poems there are always lots of words that are used to make us feeling something, to understand better. In this poem there are so many that let us understand the cruelty of the war. At the beginning of the poem, Owen wants us to know that no bells […]

In this text lots of images are included, images of pain and sadness; I’ve decided to analyze some of them. “Bent double, like old beggars under sacks […].” (Line 1) These first words make me imagine a man, exhausted, desperate for the loss of his friends, who is running through the trenches with all his heavy […]

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